A – Animal Control

A-1 Animal Control Fee Policy

B – Board of Selectmen

B-1 Selectmen Meeting Rules
B-2 Board of Selectmen Leave of Absence Policy
B-3 Board of Selectmen Compensation and Attendance Policy

C – 

D – 

E – Employee

E-1a Employee Computer and Internet Use Acknowledgement Form
Drug and Alcohol Policy
E-3 Work Performance Evaluation Policy

F – Financial

F-1 Purchasing Policy
F-2 Town of Canton and Canton Sewer Department Financial Reporting Policy
F-3 Town of Canton and Canton Sewer Department Accounting and Office Operating Policy

G – General Government

G-1 Tool and Equipment Use Policy
G-2 Policy Review Policy
G-3 Website Policy
G-4 Freedom of Access to Public Records Policy
G-5 Complaint Policy

H – Highway Department

H-1 Posted Roads Policy